Astro Tea

The dates listed below are when these aspects are exact — felt the strongest. You could experience their energy a day or two before, or after, it is exact.  I’ve highlighted the aspect I feel will be felt the strongest during the week.

Sidebar: I don’t proof read, so I’m apologizing in advance for anything fuck ups.



As hard as it might feel, refrain from saying way too much.  Do something to keep your mind busy and focused so you’re not all over place.  It’s important to keep the mind stimulate so you don’t end up overthinking about problems or things that are bothering you, which will create dis-ease in the mind.


MOON IN GEMINI: The Moon enters Gemini at 18:32, this is a good time for all forms of communication and mental stimulation.  Socialize, think, read, talk, text, email. Refrain from oversharing, set boundaries for yourself and get out and do something!



The real challenge will be to keep a level head.  Things will catch your eye and you’ll know that you absolutely need it.  It might be a potential partner or a dope pair of shoes, but is this essential to your well being, is it something that you actually need in your life?  If you’re trying get through your last year of college, maybe a new bae isn’t the best thing.  If you’re about to spend your last $60 on those shoes instead of using it to put gas in car, are you using those shoes to walk to work instead?  Use your commonsense and don’t get swept away with your desires.



Close relationships will be much more fulfilling under this transit, so use this time to “refine” your spending habits.  Of course you want that thing, it’s aesthetically pleasing, it’s special, it’s this, it’s that — but do you really need it?  Focus on social functions, invest some of your energy, time and money on that instead.  Keep a level head.



Stay your ass in the house and spend some quality sexy time with your lover, if you’re single go out and make a new “friend” or hit up your special homie for some Netflix & chill.  Don’t be surprised if something suddenly changes in your love life!  If you’re feeling stressed, release yourself in a sexual manner and I want to emphasize the importance of doing this in a safe environment with someone you really trust.


MOON IN CANCER: The Moon enters Cancer at 21:01, this is a good time for baking, staying in, getting cozy, spending time with people you love. Honor any feelings that come up but don’t be overly sensitive. Sorting things out in the home by cleaning up, and washing things is a great idea. Make some good food and create a mellow vibe in the household.


Brace yourself for a sudden change!  If you’re struggling in your love life use the next 155 days to change things up — even if it seems weird or eccentric.  Disrespect your comfort zone with your partner or spouse.  Maybe go get married all of sudden, or do something kinky for your husband/wife.  Ladies, show him how flexible you really are in bed! 😉  Fellas, free yourself in bed, don’t hold back!  You don’t always have to be in charge or maybe you’re always passive — whatever the case, CHANGE THINGS UP!


In general, this is more energy to improve interpersonal relationships, because men and women could be getting along a lot better than usual — but don’t forget, Mars is retrograde!  So there could be more fights or arguments that will either make or break your relationship.  They might be highly explosive blowouts that’ll build the bond you have stronger and bring sudden endings.  This energy is extremely passionate which could equate to amazing makeup sex, or hella heated arguments.

In your natal chart, Mars does reveal a lot about your sexual needs.  If that’s a little too much or something that isn’t possible for you, maybe focus on how you do things in regards to your love life just in general, because Mars is also about action and getting things done.  So…is there something that you can change in your approach to your relationship or how you go about finding a partner?

Another aspect of this energy could deal with money, so try to keep impulsive shopping urges at bay and stay off of Amazon, and definitely don’t go to the mall.




Save the drama for yo’ momma, unless I’m your momma — which in that case, go meditate.  There could be a lot of drama going on in the mind which could affect things in your LIFE.  You might feel highly stressed because of what’s weighing on your mind right now and my best advice is to release that SHIT!  My favorite visualization meditation to let go was shared by my really good friend Noe Tanigawa.  She told me to imagine myself sitting near a peaceful river, as I’m sitting there place anything plaguing me in a box on a lily — or whatever feels right for you, and imagine it floating down the river.  At the end of this river is a waterfall and you watch the problem fall off the cliff — into a never ending dark abyss (just kidding about that part! lol)  It’s one of the best ways for me to let go of things that are bothering me when I know I just need to move the heck on!



The mind and the ego are usually working cohesively so making important decisions would be okay.  However, Mercury is in retrograde so be mindful of the things you’re saying, and don’t entertain any negative self talk.  Monitor the inner dialogue and don’t be so dramatic!  With the Sun in Leo and the Moon about to enter Leo tomorrow, I wouldn’t be surprised if we’re all being total dramalani’s right now!



My best advice is to turn down the drama and be more fun-loving with the people in your life.  Respond to life, don’t react.


MOON IN LEO: The Moon enters Leo at 21:18, this is a good time for taking the spotlight, having fun and doing something creative so that you’re expressing your heart-centered passions. Don’t worry about rejection and definitely don’t doubt yourself. Be dramatic when it comes to fashion but now how you react to thing.


Yet again, another transit supporting what I said for Tuesday.  If you’re in a relationship your relationship will either become stronger or you will disconnect yourself from them.  If you’re single and you didn’t already find a new boo thang, I’d hold off on meeting new people or inviting old love interests back into your life.  Focus on your finances and paying off debts instead.



Highly emotional time where people could be very dramatic in how they express themselves.  Tap into your creativity in all aspects of your life.



Don’t get carried away with over the top, wishful thoughts.  Be happy with the way things are right now.  Make sure that you’re not taking on more than you can chew or you’ll end up feeling absolutely depleted this weekend.



The focus for this weekend is to be that annoying happy person in someone’s life. I want you to be so excited about life right now, because LIFE IS FUCKING GOOD! Maybe you just got out of a 10 year relationships, maybe you just got fired, maybe you can’t pay your rent but guess what bitch? YOU’RE STILL ALIVE. You have another chance to DO BETTER! So if you got dumped, maybe you need to learn how to love others better but that starts with loving yourself better. If you lost your job, maybe you need to learn how to manage your time better. If you can pay your rent, maybe you need to learn how to budget and stop eating out. So make the adjustments and create a better life!


Concentrate on creating.  Creating joy, creating art, creating a human being, creating more love, fun and romance.  Show off a little, celebrate and love yourself.  Indulge a little, if that means eating your favorite snack that you always say no to, or finally have a girl’s night while your man stays at home with the kids (and vice versa) then coming home slightly shitfaced and fucking each other’s brains out — in my best Shia LaBeouf impersonation, DO IT!